Good morning! It's Friday!

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So, it's Friday, tomorrow is my son's 18th birthday. I still say he can't be that old, hence the denial. So instead of complaining about how old that makes me I'm going to give you the baby bird on the bird feeder pics I promised you earlier in the week. We got Bit this see through window bird feeder for her birthday in February. It took a while but the Cardinal family slowly began eating from it over the months since.

Now, it would seem their babies have achieved flight and are visiting the feeder as well. there are three females and two males (plus the parents). One of the girls is a seed hog and will literally shove the other birds off the feeder, or peck at them until they leave. The three girls also like to gang up on the males. The girls are brown and white, the white being speckled with brown spots. The boys have red through their head, neck and belly.

This is where the feeder sits, just beside the front door:

Here's one of the girls on the feeder:

And here are two of the siblings on the feeder:

It's not easy to catch them, they're camera shy. As soon as you pick up a camera and try to get close enough to get a good pic, they fly away. Sophie and Dori love to sit and watch them flitting around. Freya doesn't seem to care one way or the other.

So what signs of new life are you enjoying in your backyards?

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