After 30 years working for the progressive weekly, Tim Redmond was sacked from the San Francisco Bay Guardian today by the new owner of the newspaper, Todd Vogt.

Vogt axed Redmond for refusing to cut three of six newsroom staff, according to a reliable source who did not want to be cited by name because of fear of retribution. Vogt is claiming to others within the organization that Redmond resigned, “which is a lie,” the source said.

Reached by phone, Redmond told FCJ, “At midnight last night I got a letter from Todd saying ‘your resignation is accepted.’ But I never submitted a resignation.”

Fog City Journal has the exclusive.

Tim announced the news on this blog.
I am no longer with the Bay Guardian
Hi, my friends, all the people I love and care about in this city. I'm sad to announce that after 30 years, I have left the Bay Guardian. I am proud of all the work that we did over those years, but sadly, it has come to an end...


This is breaking news, and very sad.

The San Francisco Bay Guardian was one of the first progressive weeklies in the nation. This purge represents the silencing of a very important voice in the progressive world.

Godspeed, Tim.

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