I am not feeling well, but from the request of Kossarian I respect I will make an attempt at passing along something extremely important in two elements: equality and leadership. They come in the form of one Lt. General David Morrison, Chief of Army in Australia.

His video message is linked below the liberal orange nebulae of our Democratic universe, I urge y’all with every political brain cell I have to watch it with the utmost attention.

Note the vast internal integrity of self required to deliver such amazing force to his message, it can only come about from decades of principled commitment to truth and justice. One has to live it to be offended the way he is, what happened to cross him wasn’t just some bad idea or circumstance but a threat to his people, he knows it and by God and baby freaking Jesus he is going to fight back.

Ask yourself this:  when was the last time a Democratic politician came across with power like this? Elizabeth Warren has the beginnings of it, but she needs many more years of experience to reach this leadership depth.

Why is that? Money, corporate media, fear mongering, racism, we’ve gone over the subversion of our Democracy endlessly, the truth we face this morning is that General Morrison has leadership and our Party doesn’t. There are problems of screaming urgency everywhere but we hear the White House is interested in Syrian involvement, more war and violence is just what the little people need.

Equally important is the righteousness of his anger, equality and decent treatment of our women.  How very fitting that on the celebrated Patriarchy Weekend we be exposed to this filthy side of male humanity, how very well we need be reminded how desperately we need leadership in our own Armed Forces to eradicate this awful persecution, harassment and diminishment of our women.

[opens hands slightly] Employment, wages, militarism, war, health care, education, voting rights, all so very important, yes, but it occurs to me that if we just applied the same ferocity of principle General Morrison does to the treatment of our women it very well could be mental political scales could be tipped everywhere. If we fully fought and accepted our women there’s no way we couldn’t apply the leadership and principles to our other issues, it would be too confusing and contradictory.  Right?

[shrugs] I don’t know. It’s damned well time we tried.

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