Last week one of the part time jobs I have sent us a letter telling all part time workers they would be limited to no more than 26 hours a week with out a manager pre-approving it.  And more than 30 hours would be limited to three times a year.

We also were told that we could apply for full time positions (36 hours a week) as they opened, but that the company was going to limit the number of full time and full time equivalent positions.

This week everyone got a letter announcing a recruiting drive to find more part time workers.  You could get $400 if they hire someone you brought in and they stay for six months.

So why thank Obama?  More after the fold.

Because the company is trying to lower the number of people it has to cover with insurance.  Managers explained that due to the "Obamacare laws" the company can't have part time workers who work more than 30 hours a week. (yeah, the law prohibits more than 30 hours a week for part time employees! Honest, management would never lie)

Since they can't have us working more than 30 hours a week, and we get held over some times, the safety zone time is 26 hours a week.  Apparently the law also allows 30+ hours a few times a year to cover vacations and special events. (ha)

The company does not need more full time workers, who are averaging 48 hours a week.  They need (want) more part time workers to pick up the second shift (with out the shift differential of $0.50 an hour) and third shift (with out the shift diff of $1.50 an hour).  They have moved all but three full time workers off the over night shift and have not replaced the last five full timers who left for better jobs with full timers, just more part timers.

Considering that the full timers were getting close to $15.00 an hour, and the part timers start at $14.00, the real savings is in the lower over time and not having to offer insurance.  You see, it is all Obama's fault the company had to fill the full time jobs with part time shifts limited to 26 hours a week. Darn his Obamacare!

I had been averaging 36 hours a week, three 12's, and had been grandfathered under the old rules to get the shift diff's.  but effective July 1, i'm capped at 26 hours and no shift diff.  

Add in the full timers have been told they have to report any other insurance plans they could be under - such as a spouse with a plan from their job, a plan from a part time side job - because the "Obamacare" law may require they take that plan OR may prohibit a spouse/kids from being on the companies plan. For example: if your kids could qualify for CHIP, they can't be on the companies plan.  Or if you spouse has a plan, no matter how much worse it is compared to the crappy plan offered by the company, they have to take that plan.  (Something to do with the rules for letting people under the age of 26 stay on parent plans)

So the company is trying to reduce the number of people it has to cover who are employees.  Reduce the number of non-employees it has to cover.  Get rid of over time.  And blame it all on "Obamacare".

On the other hand, all this increased hiring of part time workers will reduce the unemployment rate.

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