For months I read articles, listened to reports on local news, listened to scientists.

For months I have religiously listened for the loud, eager chirpping to arrive.

For months I inspected the ground for holes from which they were to appear.


I followed special Trackers, accounts of those lucky enough for a viewing.

My patience is wearing thin.

So I ask.

Where are all those thousands, heck, millions of cicadas?  There were to be 600 for every person. The brood was expected to be everywhere.

I saw their invasion in 1996, and I can still remember the buggers carpeting the sidewalks of Mashpee Commons on Cape Cod.

So what happened?  Where are they?

I hope to see, face to face, one red-eyed Cicada. I might not be here in another 17 years.

Someone, anyone, let me know where the Cicadas are and why they are not emerging as the small army they should have been.

Should I bury my hopes deep within the Earth as the tiny cicada babies?

I am bitterly disappointed.

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