So, a woman who falsely accused a high school senior of rape, that led to him being imprisoned for 5 years and the school system being found liable for 'lax security' and paying her $750k for it, now has to pay it all back, with interest, as well as a $1,000,000 punitive damages finding.

I think this was an incorrect decision by a judge who apparently didn't have enough time to make a decision that was best in the long-term and to continue the fight against the rape-culture that still exists throughout the world.

Here's a video; if someone could find an actual article that'd be great and I do not have the time to put together a transcription (they're talking fast and there are two reporters at one point).

Link to CNN story

Cliffs Notes:

1. 2002, girl accuses football player at her school of rape.

2. Player is convicted and sent to jail. School system found liable and pays her $750k.

3. Woman recants after 5 years.

4. Man released, woman ordered to pay back $750k PLUS interest PLUS $1,000,000 in punitive damages (not sure if that goes to the state or the guy).

Pay back the money? Yes.

Release the man? Absolutely. Pay him restitution? Yes, but from government coffers...it was a public trial and he was convicted by either a public judge or a public jury.

Charge woman with Perjury? Absolutely.

Punitive damages? No.

I won't belabor the point, but when women (or men) are worried about a lawsuit coming their way if they can't perfectly remember every detail (because hey, no one is every drunk or under the influence when they're raped), it doesn't help incidents being reported and the victim feeling supported.

The punitive damages decision was the wrong one and not the best as we continue to move away from a rape culture that has pervaded human society for centuries and centuries.

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