This has begun to be called 'Protesters use excessive intelligence'.

Please look at the picture from this evening on this page.


It is wonderful.

Protests in Turkey have taken on a new dimension.

In English it has been called 'Standing Silent' and in Turkish 'Duran Adam'.

People just stand singly or in small groups - sometimes for only a short time, sometimes for eight or more hours, and sometimes people take turns.

They don't speak or move, and don't interfere with other people's movements or traffic.

Last night and this morning there were arrests but this afternoon the Minister of the Interior said that people can't be arrested for just standing, and it seems that for now the arrests have decreased in number.

Reportedly those arrested are charged with 'resisting without moving' - whatever that is.

Some photographs and a video:




There are many developments - especially regarding UN statements about the protests in Turkey, the EU cancelling meetings with the Turkish government, and other events.

I don't have a lot of time right now but if anyone has more news please post it in the comments.

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