Hello Friends,
Things are rather stressful here personally, and when I looked around searching for a broader viewpoint, my thoughts turned immediately to this community.  I feel so comfortable here, it is as if there was no separation by wire. I know that I will find perspective, compassion and optimism here, things that I tap into quite often, and find that I need now.  So, please bear with this rambling post that has nothing to do with being a better progressive, but everything about being a better person.

This is one of my favorite pictures, that exemplifies soo much of the way I view life.  The pure zest for living, plunging full bore around the corner at top speed, just for the exhilaration of being alive.  And, there is the cautious looking ahead, after it is too late to change course.  Every time I look at this, I am taught something new.

Run Fast, Run Hard
I would like you to meet Felix, with Oscar in the lead.  Littermates with a rivalry, who have each found a niche in our hearts (as they all have).  If you would like to meet a few more of our companions, I have posted a few pictures on a separate website, where you are free to use them as you like.  
Puppy Picts

I really haven't reveled much about myself here, in fact, I have deleted more posts and comments than I have submitted.  Just the act of writing my thoughts have clarified my mind, and by the time I have finished typing, I find that someone else has stated it better.  I see this as a good thing, and will try to contribute more in the future, but for now, my contributions have been in spirit.  I would love to run down the list of people here who have inspired, encouraged and entertained, but that would put them on the spot, and frankly, that list would be very, very long.  So, thank you to all, and hugs all around.  This place is a tapestry of experience and wisdom, and the place where I come to renew my faith in humanity.  Even when we disagree, we still find common ground and the good in each other.

The reason for the current stress in our life may end up seeming like a shameless plug, so I will get that out of the way right now, for it is the cause of this post, but not the goal.  After relocating here to Arkansas from Wisconsin 11 years ago, we find ourselves in the position of having to liquidate our home, and a business property at auction this Friday and Saturday.  If all goes well, the proceeds from the auction will cover the loan due, and enough for a small down payment on a place to live.  
We will still have a small retail business, and my wife does dog grooming out of the house, so we should have a source of income to get by on.  In the overall scheme of things, this seems to be a good position to be in.  When living this scenario, it becomes overwhelming and quite scary.  Everything we have ever worked for is on the line during a few minutes on a weekend in June.

At least the bank was kind enough to notify us that they would not renew our loan, they could have promised to do so, and then foreclosed, and left us unprepared.  So, we have that going for us.

So here is the shameless plug:  If you are of the means and inclinations to do so, there will be 2 (online) auctions this Friday and Saturday that may be of interest.  I've placed links below in case anyone is interested. The farm is large and gorgeous, and the commercial building is at the busiest intersection in Mount Ida, Arkansas.  It is a beautiful area, and the most unbelievable part, is that there are no mosquitoes.  Really, None.  (that was actually a big part of deciding to move here to get an early jump on 'retirement'.  Especially after being born and raised in WI, the idea of being outside anytime day or night without biting insects was an attraction we couldn't pass up). (end of plug).

Situations like this really puts things into perspective, especially how good we have it to even be in this position of worrying about material possessions. So very many people live in abject poverty, war and disease, with little to no hope in sight, I'm ashamed to be worried about my 'riches'.  I constantly remind myself that here are literally millions of children starving daily, and that I am one of the very, very fortunate ones to even have options.

Maybe I needed a slap upside the head to realize how good I have it.  The deities that be will do that, if you're not paying enough attention.

We had a very rare tornado touch down close to the house a few weeks ago, but it only uprooted a few trees and set back our preparation schedule.  We learned about it via a telephone call from a friend who heard on the TV that a tornado had touched down in the town of Huddleston, AR.  The farm we reside at was once that town, and if you google map it, you will see our house.  Because of the downed trees, and a problem bridge, it took several hours before we could return home (we were manning the stores at the time).  I cannot express the relief when we saw that our house full of dogs was left untouched.  They are the most important things in our lives and they were safe.  My thoughts went to Joplin, Oklahoma and New Orleans, and felt truly blessed that they were spared.

I could ramble on for pages about the lessons this experience have reminded me of, and may do so after all of this is over.  I wish I could leave with a profound statement of insight, but all I have to offer is to 'keep on swimming, Nemo, keep on swimming'.

Thank you for listening.

p.s. If anyone wishes top change tags to a more appropriate venue, please, please do so.  I really don't know where to place this.  Thanks again.

p.p.s. I will be around sporatically, and may not be able to respond to comments soon, I have a list of "to-do's" that is screaming at me.  Again, Love you guys.

Puppy Picts

Links to the Upcoming Auctions (online) of our Home and Business

They will be help Friday, June 21st (commercial property), and Saturday, June 22nd (home), 2013

Commercial Building:

Farm and House:

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