Just a brief update to let you know that there's a ton of "new" information at Turn NC Blue. The site is designed to give activists, organizers, journalists, researchers, lawmakers, and citizens the facts they need to mount an informed opposition to the torrent of abusive and backwards legislation being rammed down North Carolinians' throats by Republican lawmakers. Skip over the orange fandango for a bit more.

There are 35 issues pages on the site and a separate page dedicated to activism. As the site is quite new, there isn't a lot of content yet, but there's a good bit now and more coming. These are the content pages that have actual info on them at this moment:


Art Pope’s Influence on NC GOP

Eliminating Gun Permits

Eliminating Public Financing of Judicial Races

None of these pages are anywhere near complete yet, and there are so many more pages needing to be expanded. Want to help? Drop me a line at mtuck4242 AT gmail DOT com.

Six days before June 24's Moral Monday. I'd love to have the people at that protest be able to access this site on their tablets or phones and use its info to help shape and power their activism.

Wed Jun 19, 2013 at 11:46 AM PT: New Facebook page for TNCB:


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