Been keeping up with the Moral Monday movement in North Carolina? If you're in the area, join the movement today as a witness to the odious raft of ALEC-sponsored bills being ramrodded through the legislative process in the Tar Heel State.

Witness Wednesdays kicked off on June 12 in memorial to civil-rights leader Medgar Evers, who was assassinated in 1963. Today's Witness Wednesday will be held at the N.C. Capitol building in downtown Raleigh, just a block from the N.C. General Assembly, where previous gatherings have been held.

Today's event kicks off at 3:30 with a press conference at St. Paul AME Church at 402 W. Edenton Street. At 4:00, participants will march to the State Capitol to bring the message to Gov. Pat McCrory.

Can't make it to Raleigh? You can still be part of the Moral Monday and Witness Wednesday movement by contributing to the NAACP-NC's legal-defense fund to support those who are engaging in nonviolent civil disobedience and risking arrest to stand up for the rights of North Carolinians to be represented in our governance.

Kim Yaman is arrested for civil disobedience for peacefully assembling with others at the N.C. General Assembly on June 10, 2013
So far, 486 people have been arrested in seven waves of Moral Mondays and Witness Wednesdays. Several more arrests are expected today as the overwhelmingly Tar Heel group of protesters takes up their constitutional right to peaceably assemble in the N.C. General Assembly building and the N.C. State Capitol in the face of state decisions to arrest them for doing so.

Join in, speak up, be part of the North Carolina tradition of fighting for civil rights and transparent processes of governance.

Forward together, not one step back!

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