Breaking with Netroots Nation tradition, the location of next year's gathering was announced on the very first night of the meeting. With the plenary session completed, I'm stunned to see that no diary has yet mentioned where we'll be hangin' out next year for NN14.

After the squiggle, you'll see the answer to this question.

[spoiler alert: the location was announced by Eclectablog]

Yes, it'll be in Hockey Town, the Motor City, the home of the Red Wings, Tigers, Lions, and Pistons.

Be there or be square:

Netroots Nation 14 -- Detroit, Michigan (July 17-20, 2014)
PS. Really, folks, why no previous diary about the site of NN14? Just because I happened to write the first diary about the location of NN13 and NN12, there was no reason to give me the honor once again.
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