I’m enjoying Netroots Nation 13, I’m happy to say, I show up every day at 0630 and do whatever’s needed in the moment for the staff—tiny clerical stuff, a few errands, and then report to Bo for floor work and registration desk.

I have yet to go to a panel, I really messed up and missed Digby at 1800 yesterday, but I’ve been a little surprised at how busy I’ve been, I’m tired by 1600.  Today I’m off at noon and then coming back in the evening to go out to dinner at Original Joe’s with some of my people.

[shrugs] Netroots Nation is wide open as far as expectations and results go, one gets out of it what one brings, whatever that may be.  I expected to serve and keep it simple, that’s what happened.  I’m pleased, it’s a small good thing.

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