Received this e-mail today from Senator Sherrod Brown (D. OH) in support of Senator Tom Udall's (D. NM) re-election bid:
It's not easy to find allies in the Senate willing to take on big special interest groups on behalf of progressive values. But Senator Tom Udall from New Mexico is one of those allies.
He's relentlessly fighting to overturn Citizens United. He's fought hard for filibuster reform to stop obstructionists in the Senate preventing us from doing the people’s business.

And, you guessed it, the special interests are already coming after him for it.

Americans for Prosperity -- the special interest group backed by the Koch brothers -- is running ads against Tom online. And before the FEC deadline at the end of the month, Tom's campaign needs our help:


They've got a $40,000 goal to hit. Pitch in $5 or more right now:


Americans for Prosperity was behind tons of the attacks run against us in the last election. Anywhere they see a staunch progressive fighting for middle class values, they sling mud.

We know how to fight back -- with strong, grassroots support. And you know how important meeting FEC goals is to that strength.

Let's help Tom reach his $40,000 goal before the FEC deadline on June 30th. Contribute $5 or more right now:


Thank you for helping me help Tom.


You can click here to donate:


And by the way, Senator Udall is spreading a petition gathering people's opposition to arming Syrian rebels:

Those who don't learn from history are doomed to repeat it.

In the 1980s, the United States armed Afghan rebels. We sent them weapons, intelligence, and training. The rebels were successful. But decades later, those same weapons wound up in the hands of our enemies, used against our armed forces in a desert war that has lasted for over ten years.

Are we really going to do that again? Congress is getting ready to send heavy weapons to rebels in Syria, despite our lack of information about who these rebels are.

The United States cannot afford to jump into the middle of another civil war in the Middle East. I'm teaming up with VoteVets to oppose this intervention, and we need your support. Add your name to mine and thousands of others. Tell Congress: Don't arm Syrian rebels:


Syrian President Assad is a bad guy, there's no questions about that. The question is whether the United States is ready to hand over heavy weapons to people we barely know.

There is no clear leadership or direction for these Syrian rebels. We don't know what their motivations are, who they're allied with, or what they plan to do if Assad is overthrown.

I'm not prepared to start down this road. We would be injecting the region with powerful weapons that could easily wind up in the hand of people who will point them at U.S. troops.

Join VoteVets and me -- let Congress know that we don't want them to arm the Syrian rebels:


We need to exercise caution before we jump feet-first into civil war in Syria.

Thank you for adding your voice.


Click here to sign Udall & VoteVet's petition:


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