Alan Grayson blasted the weak Democrats, saying some members of his party in the congress deserve to face primary challenges if they won't ev en stand up for the Democratic Party's core values, and stop being such push-overs for the GOP to stampede on cutting Social Security.

Grayson on the dilemma progressives face in their own party:  "...There's no reason for there's no justification for it.
Members like that deserve to be disciplined and they have to be disciplined though the political process with primaries or through other means."
I agree with Grayson wholeheartedly! Democrats need to stop their constant retreat from our Party's core values. Values that include defending the overwhelmingly popular institutions like Social Security and Medicare that are our party's signature achievements.  

Later in the video Grayson laments about our increasingly timorous Party:

"Can't we stand for SOMETHING?"
Can't we?

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