It's a good day. FUSE (also known as WeAreFuse.org) is a new women's rights organization formed by some of the most fierce and mighty pro-active feminists out there. They have come together to take up strong arms in the The War Against Women. Given the anti-choice, anti-women bills that are being introduced in Congress daily, the war is very much on. Over 700 provisions in just  the first four months of 2013 were created/introduced/passed in Congress. All are invasive to a women's right to choose what's best for her body and her life. Many of the bills are unconstitutional, and will be thrown out, but not before sucking up America's time, energy and tax dollars. Other bills are very serious and can turn our progress back decades. 2014 Elections can't come too soon, and I can safely say, women around the country, and around the world, welcome this new organization.

FUSE represents: Feminism, Unity, Strength, and Equality

FUSE's Mission:

“Empower women to control and enrich their lives by establishing an online presence to educate and organize, collaborating with partner organizations, and creating a supportive, inclusive, and diverse community where open dialogue is encouraged and each individual's contribution is valued. To evolve from patriarchy so equality and independence thrive.”
The WeAreFuse.org website will officially open July 1, 2013. They opted to ignite their Facebook Page and Twitter Accounts early given some the urgent issues at hand. The founding members include (in no order)  Nikki Casey, Stephanie Maguire, Sarah Ward, April Lausier, Wendy Trager, and Leslie Neidig.

One of the FUSE members, Trisha MyChoice Lynch was in down in Austin, Texas, protesting today, and sent this quote:

"This is awesome. 500 people all in orange in the chambers. 500 in overflow. This legislative body thought they were going to sneak in a fast one but we had their number from the ultrasound bill that was passed in special session without anyone knowing. We won't get fooled again. Texas women will not be disrespected."

For more information:

Contact:: Wendy Trager * Wendytragermail@gmail.com
Vist: Facebook: WeAreFuse   
Visit: Twitter: WeAreFuse

Welcome, FUSE. We embrace your light.


Originally posted to Leslie Salzillo on Sun Jun 23, 2013 at 05:22 PM PDT.

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