Acting IRS commissioner Danny Werfel said today that the "Be On The Lookout"(BOLO) lists the IRS used to screen applicants were broader than originally thought, and that the screening went on longer than was previously disclosed.

Bloomberg now reports that, according to documents they have obtained, these screening terms included terms like "progressive", "progress" "occupy" and "Israel."

If this is true, it really seems like this might be the end of the IRS scandal as a political scandal. Especially with the recent news that it was a self described conservative Republican IRS employee who flagged the first "tea party" exemption request.

But hopefully, there is a discussion of whether any organization that does any kind of political activity, liberal or conservative, can have a tax exemption. Seems to me you either given them all an exemption or none of them, since I think there really isnt a simple standard that can be enforced.

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