I'm not sure what prompted me to open this story in Huffington Post, or what made me watch the video, or what's making me write about it now, other that it gives me this odd sense that we, as living creatures in this world, are all connected.

For a dog to come upon a little dead puppy and feel the need to bury the pup, completely; why? What was the dog trying to say? Was it trying to trying to somehow protect the puppy? Or was this some way of mourning for, or dignifying, another animal - one of its own?  I'm not sure. I am sure it warmed my heart, and these are the things I want to see and feel in my life as I plow through some of the grime. These are the things that remind me of my own minuteness, and replenish my desire to seek the understanding of what love is - and what life is, as I carry on.

After the dog walked away, as if to say, "My work here is done," I could have done without the ending. The first two minutes are all one needs to 'get it'.  


Added: PBS Excerpt - The Emotional Lives Of Animals

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