I've noticed some articles predicting that there will be another Marxist revolution. I don't believe it. The articles promise the triumph of emotion over a foggy elite. However, anyone who teaches or writes about math and math-based policies would be counted among them. So this actually connotes a triumph of emotion over intellect. A movement founded in stupidity can only make everything worse. So I suspect that the Occupy and Anonymous platforms are psy-ops run by the government of one or more countries, designed to prevent people from planning to actually correct the world's injustices.

Snowden has revealed that the Obama Administration has been collecting data. It's been assumed that Snowden blew the whistle on an ongoing secret project, but there's another possibility. Maybe Obama intended all along for Snowden to announce that the data had been collected. Within this data, Progressives will find details of all the current injustices. And from this insight, policies can be developed to correct them.

The real revolution will not overthrow the rich elite. It will expand the elite all the way down to the poorest people.

This is my dream: One nation under math, with math for all.

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