Sunday June 28, 1903
Oxnard, California - A.F. of L. continues to refuse charter on the basis of race.

The Executive Council of the American Federation of Labor continues to deny a union charter to the Sugar Beet and Farm Laborers' Union of Oxnard. In a a letter to the secretary of that union, Samuel Gompers insisted that the organization will be granted a charter only on the condition that it contain "no Oriental workers." The Beet Workers have protested this ruling, calling, instead, for Solidarity across the color line.

The American Labor Union Journal of Chicago recently published this opinion of the Executive Council's decision:

[Samuel Gompers has] violated the expressed principle of the A.F. of L., which states that race, color, religion or nationality shall be no bar to fellowship in the American Federation of Labor...

It will be impossible, so long as this ruling is sustained, to organize the wage workers of California for the protection of their interests, for there are between forty and fifty thousand Japanese in this state, who hold the balance of power among the field workers, and nothing can be effectually done without their cooperation. In such a warfare to raise race prejudice is unpardonable folly, a folly for which President Gompers must soon answer to the unions of southern California who are unanimous in demanding recognition for brother wage workers, the Japanese.

History of the Labor Movement in the United States
The Policies and Practices of the American Federation of Labor 1900-1909

-by Philip S Foner
International Pub, 1981

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Hellraisers Journal
-of June 10, 1903

Saturday June 28, 1913
Paterson, New Jersey - Elizabeth Gurley Flynn to go on trial on Monday

Elizabeth Gurley Flynn with Pat Quinlan, Carlo Tresca,
Adolph Lessig, and Big Bill Haywood
Paterson, New Jersey 1913
The trial of Elizabeth Gurley Flynn will begin on Monday. She is accused of inciting strikers to riot. County Prosecutor Dunn is expected to bring Haywood, Tresca and Lessig to trial within the next two weeks. Patrick Quinlan has already been convicted, but has yet to be sentenced. He faces up to 15 years in the state prison.

Following the ruling of the New Jersey Supreme Court, the jury will consist of citizens from Hudson County. Justice Minturn agreed with the defense that the IWW defendants are unlike to get a fair trial before a Passaic County jury.

The New York Times
-of June 29, 1913

Friday June 28, 2013
Email from American Rights at Work:
Tell Walmart to Stop Silencing Workers!

Earler this month, more than 100 brave Walmart workers went out on a legally protected strike. They were protesting Walmart’s retaliation against those who dare to speak up for fair wages and working conditions.

So what did Walmart do next? Retaliated against them.

While the striking workers were initially able to return to work without incident, in the last few days Walmart has fired 10 strikers and disciplined another 25. The company is using its attendance policy as the "stated" reason for these actions, but we know that Walmart is afraid of the movement that these workers are building.

This attack on workers should not be tolerated. We need your help to send a clear message to Walmart’s board of directors, the ones who really hold the power: Sign our petition to Walmart’s board NOW.

While we are confident that the National Labor Relations Board will find Walmart’s actions illegal, we cannot wait on a long legal process to respond.

Walmart workers are already fighting back. To create pressure on Yahoo’s CEO, who sits on Walmart’s board, they held a sit-in at Yahoo headquarters to urge Walmart to respect their freedom to speak out for better wages, safer work environments and respect on the job.  In spite of their peaceful action, three OUR Walmart members and two protesters were arrested.

And one fired worker in Kentucky immediately said he was ready to hold an action at his store in response to the retaliation. He just wanted to know who will stand with him. Can he count on you? Send the Walmart board a message now.

We need to back up these Walmart workers who are bravely standing up to retaliation simply for demanding fair wages and work standards. Don't delay. The more of us who stand with them right now, the louder their voices will be.

Thank you for continuing to fight for change at Walmart,

Hilary, Jonathan, Sarita, Liz, Smiley, Mackenzie, and the entire team at Jobs with Justice and American Rights at Work

OUR Walmart

Making Change at Walmart

Corporate Action Network
(Find an Action to fit your schedule from a few minutes
 to a few hours!)

"They go wild, simply wild, over me!"
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 Performed by The Grand Industrial Band

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