So, I was just cruising Youtube, checking out some 'blasts from the past'...and stumbled upon this...

and - even though I've 'known' it intellectually - it just drove home how little we've 'progressed' in the span of my lifetime.

Nothing has changed, and if anything it's gotten worse.

For a time I lived in a 'bubble' (way before the modern meme of 'living in the bubble' took hold), and I really thought society was moving forward.

update: Jimi Hendrix was on freakin' acid, and he had a firmer grasp of the situation than our current politicians do!

I actually thought all that fucked-up shit taught us something.

I truly believed we had learned from our mistakes, and our recent wars were just the last dying vestiges of our brutal past.

When I watched that video a little while ago, I saw the exact same behavior that we see played out all across the globe today.

Nothing has changed; if anything it's gotten worse.

Machine Gun

'Napalm Girl' is our fate.

Not one goddamned thing has changed since that photo was taken.

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