Washington DC: In a startling revelation, staff and interns at the Chambers of Justice Antonin Scalia have been seen wandering the halls looking for the missing 76 year old.
When asked, one un-named source was reported to have declared that "He clearly was not himself when he voted on the case, because the real Justice Scalia was, and is, so scathing of "Judicial Activism". Indeed, not a day later that became clear when he derided those Justices overturning Part 3 of DOMA, in clear violation of the will of Congress.

"We are concerned", they are saying. "Justice Scalia is not fond of teh Twitter, or Facebook. He doesn't even use Google much, because Google generally come to him, so we can't even ask the NSA where he might be".

President Barack Obama assured the nation that the new 700 mile fence on the southern border would at least keep him in the jurisdiction of the Court, should he have wandered off in an addled state of mind, so there is no reason yet to consider his replacement. Elizabeth Warren, when approached for a comment says she doesn't want the job, but if the nation needs her well ...

In other news: Gov. Bob McDonnell is pleased to hear of the offer of $23 Million from Ecuador to the United States. In an un-gaurded moment he was overheard suggesting that it would pay for a lot of ultrasounds, so the wimmin have little left to complain about.


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