Two items of particular interest to Kossacks this week:

One item is this disgusting but accurately reported tidbit in the Huffington Post and related stories found at the following links:




The Sh!tty of San Diego, Shitty Prosecutor vicious ferret Jan Goldsmith and ADA Page Hazrd, aka Deppity DA Ferret, are doing the work of sociopath Darrell Freeman, Bank of America VP of Korporat Sekuritat who whined and bawled until the Sh!tty of San Diego decided it was worth sending protector Jeff Olson who'd been making graffiti with CHILDREN'S PLAYGROUND CHALK on the sidewalk outside of BOA offices -- which the liar Freemain claims took the bank $13,000 bucks to clean off.  So Olson faces a 13K fine and THIRTEEN YEARS IN THE PENITENTIARY for telling the truth on the sidewalk about BOA's CONTINUING predation, paid for with US Govt. bailout funds, and preying on people who with the encouragement of that KORPORATE THIEF and took out mortgages that BOA IN BAD FAITH offerred them and then foreclosed on, often without warning or following necessary protocols.  WHAT the BOA did and HOW it did it is the subject of thousands of newspaper articles over the past years and NOT ONE SINGLE FEDERAL PROSECUTION has come out of the BOA theft and violation of citizens' rights.

No matter that it's playground chalk.  No matter that a few seconds with plain water and a scrubby broom will eradicate it.  No natter that the effing BOA is LYING about the cost of cleanup of the CHALK graffitti.

In keeping with korporate weaselling, a San Diego Shitty spokesperson said it wasn't the DA's choice to prosecute Olson to possibly serve 13 years in the pen for using playground chalk.  Oh?  I see, then ADA Paige Hazard must be doing it at gunpoint.  If Hazard had any REAL moral fiber, Hazard would have quit that job and gone on the right side of human rights these days as a political activist defense attorney.

Here's the kicker though.   You see the Shitty of San Diego has in it a teabagger in power in the form of California Superior or Court Judge, Howard K. Shore, who ruled that NEITHER Jeffery Olson NOR his attorney MAY MENTION THE FIRST AMENDMENT OF THE COTUS AS A RIGHT in his defense. Some TEABAGGING BULLY IN A FLIMSY BLACK BATHROBE has ruled that a defendant may not mention the US Constitution in a court of law.  In the US.

What if there were be thousands of protestors outside of BOA versatellers and BOA branches scrawling on the concrete in playground chalk?  What if they could make it really interesting for the BOA and gee, maybe other banks and for LEO's who are protecting KORPORATIONS in lieu of the rights of the people of the cities in which they serve?  But more speculation in a moment.

The other item is something that a friend of mine for some years, Sarabeth right here on DailyKos dot com, read about on Gizomodo, and which I went and checked out at Home Depot  It's a product called NeverWet.  Made by Rustoleum, it's a two part, quick-working, pretty much permanent appearing product which makes whatever it's sprayed with (up to 15 to 20 square feet of it per roughtly 20 dollar can) REALLY impervious to water.

You can read the product description on Home Depot's website right here in a link that even includes a nifty video about how to use it:


And also on Gizmodo: http://gizmodo.com/... with another nifty video on how it works and how effective it is.

Amazing stuff that, eh what?

So.. after reading the articles above and looking at the videos in  the two product websites linked last, there's a what if below the fold

What if, across the US, people went in borrowed beaters to Home Depot, parked out of range of security cameras, smeared a bit of mud on parts of the license plates of those beaters, wore totaly unremarkable clothing and dark gimme caps with long bills?  Whast if they hid their ears so video cameras wouldn't pick up those characteristics, and bought 4 or 5 cans of that waterproofing stuff paying in irregular bills in irregular amounts not all taken from the same withdrawal?   What if they did the same with bright playground chalk wherever they purchased it?

Then, what if they passed those purchases all to other protestors?  What if those other protestors, pulled up to BOAs all over the US and parked out of range of camera pickup at BOA and BOA versatellers, and wrote "thieves and conmen" or similar slogans at the door or right in front of the machine, each time with an arrow pointing to the door or to the machine outside of the bank?  (What if they didn't do this INSIDE of malls or inside of stores with BOA versatellers because it'd be too easy to be caught?)  What if they did that at night when the BOA's were closed?  What if the camera confusing disguising even changed their hair color with cheap wigs at night and what if at night their weights and builds were also disguised with padded clothing? What if, as they were making the signs, one of them was working behind the graffitist by spraying that chalk and the sidewalk around it and up to it with that NeverWet stuff and the sealant coat?

Would that be jackhammer time?

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