We were all heartened that Edward Snowden's leaks cleared the "standing" catch-22 obstacle to the ACLU lawsuit challenging NSA domestic spying, thereby allowing it to proceed.  Unfortunately, there are only two possible outcomes with John Roberts, Antonin Scalia, Clarence Thomas, Samuel Alito, and Anthony Kennedy on the Supreme Court: If the lower courts find in favor of the NSA, they will simply not hear an appeal from the ACLU.  Or if the highest court beneath SCOTUS finds for the ACLU, then SCOTUS will agree to hear the government's case and inevitably - inevitably - find in its favor.  Will you acknowledge then that the Judiciary is broken and that those five Justices are the reason, or will you demand that we accept their ruling negating the 4th Amendment as law?

You might want to get started building a foundation for a grassroots movement against this Court majority.

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