We cannot allow Republicans to define us.

Republicans call us liberals. Think about that. Why should any rational person allow themselves to be defined by people who have been wrong about everything? Defined by people who proudly demonstrate their pathologies, sociopathy and psychopathy, every day.

Why should we allow ourselves to be pinned somewhere on a sliding scale from left to right? I will no longer be a part of any scale that includes Republicans. I am not merely an anodyne for, an antidote to, the opposite of a Republican. Being the opposite of a Republican requires so little, if anything, that it is not an accomplishment.

I, along with most of the people in the US, am an ordinary, normal person. If being defined as a liberal means the ability to recognize that there are other people in the world who are different from me, who have different wants and needs, then being liberal actually means just being normal and ordinary. There's no need to label it as anything else.

Republicans, due to their pathologies, are unable to recognize as human anyone who differs from them in the slightest way. This is the essence of Republican inhumanity. It's called conservatism.

I reject being categorized as a liberal or a conservative. As far as I am concerned, there are no liberals, there are just ordinary, normal people and then there are Republicans.

The Republicans want to place themselves along with us on a scale that they define to try to gain some pretense of humanity by association. Well, that's not going to work with me. I think we need to recognize that Republicans are so far from any human attributes that they can't be placed on any scale that includes us ordinary, normal humans. They are not left, they are not right, they are not center. In fact, they are literally eccentric. They cannot be fitted onto any scale representative of the humanity of this world.

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