Yesterday I heard someone on Chris Mathews ask, "when did Zimmerman remove the safety on his gun?".  That got me thinking about how in the world was Zimmerman able to wrestle the gun away from Martin while he was laying on his back with Martin on top of him?  The more I thought about trying to remove a gun from a holster on your waste, and more toward your back, while a big teenager was sitting on you, the more it doesn't make any sense at all.

Remember that Zimmerman claims that Martin saw the gun and was going for it, and yet Zimmerman had the strength to reach behind him and out wrestle Martin for the gun.

Try this; Lay on the floor, with your shoulders flat on the ground like Zimmerman claims, try pulling something out of your back pocket.  Now have someone sit on your stomach and try it.  Look what happens to your elbow when you try this motion.

I believe this is the strongest evidence I've seen that Zimmerman is clearly lying about the events of that night.  I also think it is completely negligent for the prosecution not to emphasize this nearly impossible event.

I was going to write a big diary about this, but GLB3 has written an excellent diary the Zimmerman Draw. If you're interested in this trial, I strongly urge you to read this diary.

I have to admit that I was pretty strongly leaning to a manslaughter conviction, if the judge allows it, but after thinking about how Zimmerman could out wrestle Martin for a gun that was behind his back while he was laying flat on his back, I have to conclude Zimmerman is lying about the most important part of his story.

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