There are two groups in conflict. They hate each other. They completely mistrust each other. Right now, they can change the world, or potentially, destroy it.

The Muslim Brotherhood managed to eke out an election, then despite promises to the contrary, embarked on a policy of austerity, the imposition of strict religious rules, and even orchestrated attacks on women deemed too liberally clothed.

Their enemy for decades, the Egyptian military, has given the Muslim Brotherhood's president, Morsi, an ultimatum. Leave office now.

That ultimatum expired about 30 minutes ago.

Simply put, this is a potentially explosive situation that can lead to an out of control regional conflict. Or, it can be step two in democracy in action. Which way Egypt goes is anyone's guess.

There are thousands in the street in Cairo, as well as other major cities. Muslim Brotherhood goons have been attacked in the streets, their headquarters was attacked by civilians who had too much of the Brotherhood's ridiculous ideas.

In response, 81 women have been raped in Cairo's major square, apparently by Brotherhood goons who wish to reeducate Egyptian women as to their expected roles. One can imagine John Kasich and Rick Perry salivating over their example.

So, with these incredibly important events happening now, what do MSNBC and CNN cover?

Some idiotic murder trial in Florida. A media circus created by the media, stoked and fed by the media, and blown out of proportion by the media.

TO be fair, CNN did offer a couple of minute of coverage of Egypt before returning to the trial.

When will these untied states ever have a real news station, especially when globally important news is happening right now?

What a sorry statement about america's journalists and their producers/owners/editors this is.


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