Al Jazeera English has broken into programming to report that their reporters in Egypt have confirmed that Egypt's military has ordered tanks to be deployed to two pro-Morsi rallies.  

The Pro-Morsi rallies are much smaller than the huge anti-Morsi rallies that have been taking place, but people at the rallies have said they will defend Morsi's government with their lives.  The main pro-Morsi rally is taking place near Cairo University.

A spokesman for the government of Morsi has stated that he believes that the tanks have been deployed to forcibly break up the rally.  Morsi's chief foreign advisor has said that this constitutes a military coup.

Al Jazeera says at this point, no tanks are yet seen.

For people with high speed internet access, you can watch the live feed here.

Update 1:20pm Eastern.   Al Jazeera now showing video of Armored Personal Carriers being driven into a Pro-Morsi area of Cairo, Nasr City, on flatbed trucks.

Update 1:30pm Eastern.  Arabic Christian TV channel based in Egypt, Al hayat says Morsi under house arrest.  US news link.

Anti-Morsi rally in Tahrir Sq becomes celebratory.  US State Dept Spokesperson Jen Psaki expressed concern that Morsi has not done enough outreach to opposition.  US technically neutral.  

Update 1:55pm Eastern.  New York Times reports Tanks being deployed to Presidential Palace.  Link.


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