Think of life as a social experiment where you analyze how long a civilization can survive before religion and war annihilate it.

takes bong rip

space and time cease to exist

a state of understanding floods the synapses

just is


Science - Now this is a story all about observation.

Religion - Now this is a story all about faith.

Fresh Prince - Now this is a story…

I don’t fuck with bees. You don’t fuck with something that's willing to rip out its intestines just to inconvenience you.

As part of my tough-guy rebranding initiative, I will be calling coffee "breakfast gravy." Please make a note of this.

Gary Oldman's the kind of guy if you see on your plane you don't know whether to feel safe or scared.

Something we can all agree on regarding Edward Snowden is that he has only had his photo taken once.



I think Aaron Hernandez is the real killer O.J. was always talking about?

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