It seriously bothers me that JSTOR can even do what it does. The public has paid into these programs, and while you can easily get access to jstor via the library here in PDX I feel very strongly when tax payer money subsidizes this research it should be available to the public without login details, a  library card or email registration completely free of charge on the jstor website. Paywalls are ridiculous.

But what gets me is that beyond that it should concern ALL OF us that neurological and psychological and biological research is being undertaken not just by  the colleges but madison avenue, political advertisers and private companies that not even their shareholders necessarily have access  to

If any of anon had access to such data I'd LOVE to receive it, but I Think we need reform

1. JSTOR should NOT be allowed to charge for data that the public subsidizes.

2. Publically traded corporations ought to be legally required to give their research over to their shareholders

3. Privately non traded corporations should be required by law to release to the general public on account of the fact that without knowing how madison avenue is going to try and influence our neurology we can't resist it

Neuromarketing is a serious bioethical concern in a huge way and needs to be stopped and if it is allowed to continue the public has a right to know how it's done.

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