I apologize.  Not so much funny stuff.  Did not have time to check every line.  Hopefully there are not too many unintended goof ups besides the XR News staff who do intend.

Booz Allen made six billion dollars spying for the NSA [National Security Agency] and the CIA.  Some of the profit went to the Carlyle Group and the Bin Laden family for trashing our Bill of Rights.  They own Booz Allen which also does work for the House of Saud.  Privatized national security is the horrid wrong.  You tell me the terrorists haven't already won.  Perhaps someone would like to hug one [they are the job creaters].  Edward Snowden won't.  

  Privatized data mining was exposed by Greg Palast in a book [ The Best Democracy Money Can Buy] about voter supression in the 2000 presidential election in Florida.  The business used then was called Choice Point and it's work precipitated the removal of over fifty thousand people from the voter rolls.  It was one tactic of a many pronged attack on our democracy that subverted our electoral process.  The corruption was designed to insure a corporatist white house would rule to the benefit of the one percent of the one percent.  Wrap your mind around that tiny minority and then take one percent of that group.   Of  that tiny group of very rich people some are not very nice.  No patriotism, no love of fair play or country, no love of anything but more money and power.  They failed at that secret war against America but instead of accepting the inevitable, a new battle ending at the Supreme Court was launched.  Some free consultation by a guy named John Roberts helped.  It was altruistic.  Scalia ruled for his hunting buddy and the wheels were set in motion to bring us to where we are now.  As more crimes are made legal or ignored and the trickle down of a corrupt legal system is permeating our Federal courts, fixes are being stymied aggressively.  Hot button issues are continuing to be pushed to distract as many people as possible from the real issues.

Focusing the national conversation and controlling the message only works for the overworked under paid masses not paying attention as they struggle to provide basic necessities of life for their families.  The tooth paste of the high tech information era cannot be put back in the tube but a bunch are trying.  We're getting the best news from the comedy network.  That is not funny.  Some believe our problems cannot be fixed.  Some think the black hole sucking the money and the life blood of our society [our rights and freedoms] out until all that is left are documents crafted almost 250 years ago, is too big to fight.  If that were true the experiment started back then to control corporate over reach and establish rule by the people will have failed.  It is not.  A peaceful revolution is still possible as more people become aware of the tipping point that some think came and went already.  The perpetrators never wanted to go public but in 2000 they did.  In 2011 Occupy went public in the US as many around the world already had.  Now it is our turn and most of the world is on our side; plants and other animals too.

  Many heroes, at great risk, are still exposing some great wrongs.  Christopher Pyle revealed in 1970 that Americans were being illegally spied on.  This was before Daniel Ellsburg [the Pentagon Papers], Watergate, the exposure of Nixon's enemy list or the FISA court.  Frank Church passed laws against domestic spying.  Forty years later we have Edward Snowden leaking data on wholesale data mining by private contractors.  They are in it for profit.  Too many people of conscience know too much.  The fourth amendment is in as bad or worse shape than the first while the second continues blowing up like our bubble economy.  I want to see that one pop.  At XR News we know nothing but we like listening to people who do know stuff, especially people with heart and spirit.  We also would appreciate more time to watch cartoons and not the ones in congress and industry.  We can really subversively love that if it's not too hard for us and we can be less angry than we already aren't.  

Our country is filled with hard working honest people who care and believe in the messages taught over two thousand years ago as well as before and since then.  The financial dinosaurs living in a black hole will find it collapsing in upon them.  Empire has had control for 5 thousand years and that's really too long for a species with sentience.  We may experience a white hole of light and hope that we can mitigate the worst of the problems, some self inflicted, some from ignorance and greed, that along with natural cycles threaten to drive us back to the stone age.  The new year the Mayans identified is a twenty six thousand year cycle.  Some say it is the fourth cycle.  We have had our current brains even longer.  We shouldn't rule out that Atlantis could have been a reality with knowledge and truths we can only imagine.  Five thousand years is a long time to build and learn and build on the learning.  With twenty such small time periods in the last hundred thousand years it is incomprehensible that no technological societies ever developed. Especially if empire wasn't squandering the wealth that abounds all around us.  We're currently faced with natural world problems that make our stupid World Wars look like little pimples on the face of our species.  The current trouble is not all self inflicted.  Not realizing how serious the situation is and mobilizing our species to minimize the catastrophic effects rather than killing each other would be a preferable use of energy and resources.  We must try to preserve the nearly unbelievable  extensions to our senses and understanding that we have developed in the last hundred years.  Most of everything that we accept to be true was accomplished in the last five thousand years.  Never mind what has already happened unless it contains lessons to help us move forward.  We are here now and if we don't get on the same page to increase the odds that we will continue to be able to learn then maybe we don't deserve to be the dominate species on this planet.  The Mayan new year has been called a time for an awakening for humanity.  Let's not let little men with huge pocket books derail the whole process.  It will take a human community reaching around the world to make it happen.  We have the tools and people way smarter than me to invent more.  We desperately need to enable humanity to persevere not to disable, [except for the few] that we currently endure.  It's not over yet, but it is crunch time for not only our species but many more that we recognize and love.  Not enjoying total success at a crucial endeavor is not failure.  Not trying is.  Courageous people everywhere are doing all they can to facilitate this consciousness shift to uncommon sense.  I will stand with them as I don't have any other choice.  It is with hope and not despair that I stand.  Stand with us for country, planet, and life.  Wake up!   We're still in the first seconds of this twenty six thousand year year [that's one cycle of the precessional movement of the north pole].  A life long marathon of fighting for change for us is less than a blink of the eye for the earth.  Hopefully this time we can keep the thread going.  I need a short nap as I am a little fatigued from tapping on my keyboard.  I hope a million will get busy so I have more company when I wake up.  And I don't mean in thirty years.  

Human genes may not be patented.  Finally the Supreme Court does something right.  At least I hope so as I don't know the details of the ruling yet.  Thomas actually spoke and wrote.  That is news.  Obviously Monsanto wasn't affected by the ruling.  

In health news, all this tapping is getting my fingers in good shape.  I wish a keyboard for my midsection would be developed.

The ongoing investigation of the activist movement in the US is now centered in the PNW as the TTP has caught the attention of the granola eaters.  At a training session in Bellingham for artful. Fun. direct action, a glimpse of how far these nefarious world changers will go was observed by our blind reporter from XR news.  Backbone, Unions, Occupy, churches, democrats, grangers, greens and more were represented and worked together to build props and enable feelings of Total Positive Perspective to overwhelm the Tasers of Propaganda Purgatory that will be needed if a bright light is shined on the secretive negotiations among some of the biggest multinational corporations  that seek to impose their will over the nations of the Pacific rim that sign on.  We can't see the value of light panels and banners and comradre and bonding as our reporter needs a white stick to cross the street.  Over fifteen meetings of this NAFTA on steroids with attendees from powerful nations and even more powerful companies desire to pass agreements forged in secrecy without discussion by countries affected.  A few hippies think we should have open discussions on agreements that will affect our national sovereignty.  They don't know what they want out in the open.  It is secret.  Even our representatives in congress don't know.  How can they question it?  Many people are okay with us and our leaders being in the dark as we can trust those with millions and billions to do the right thing for us all.  At XR News we're okay with being in the dark unless someone moves the furniture.  An upcoming report will expose some sordid details on how far some Americans will go to use their current rights to peaceably assemble.  They are allowed until an international contract takes even that away.  At XR we are still waiting for the inactive training camp.  Our feet are still up for it.  We do applaud people however who still believe in our rights enough to exercise them as dire need demands.

A study has revealed that ninety to ninety five percent of cancers are caused by lifestyles and environment and not genetics.  If we just ban them both a lot of pain and suffering will be avoided.

Increased frequency of extreme weather weather events has allowed real life social experiments on the resilence of people suffering serious stress.  The reptile brain in humans is under scrutiny; in particular the fight or flight survival behaviors that originate in the lower brain.  Katrina provided  some great data as relief efforts lagged and mobilized volunteers were stymied.  Armed volunteers stepped up  to control people in a life and death struggle with nature.  Victims and helpers displayed the true spirit of humanitarianism and personal sacrifice as they helped all they could.  In spite of negligence at the top, few succumbed to the chaotic realities negatively even as people died.  Some think studies are far easier in some human animals than others, specifically leaders displaying a paranoid affection with fear of how others will act in emergencies.  Studies studying the studiers is a focus that may provide way more usable results than the previous work.

On June 20 2013 exercisers of the First Amendment were in court again in Bellingham along with the remaining group of twelve who felt direct action was the only effective outlet left to draw attention to problems that some billion dollar businesses demand to be able to accelerate for massive profit.  Both actions occurred some time ago and have used an inordinate amount of city resources to deny rights enshrined by our founding fathers.  All city officials take an oath to uphold these rights-not to truncate their reach.  The alleged offenses took place in December of 2011.  Appearances are in the double digits for these misdemeanor charges.  XR News was in the municipal court along with over 40 citizens hoping to hear 'all charges dismissed'.  This retribution against citizens willing to sit down to stand up for their constitutional rights is not over.  The prosecutor could have dropped it a long time ago.  Smily or Debra Levy could have urged the end of our tax dollars being spent this way over a year ago.  Not allowing a First Amendment defense for a first amendment action is silly.  Rejecting a necessity defense for protesting something that is already causing the damage of increased heat around the globe is absurd.  Enabling those who spend millions to make billions while disabling those who cry foul is deplorable.  Our system demands fair play.  One side has tens of dollars and a prayer for the earth.  The other side has tens of millions of dollars and a prayer for profit.  Sounds like an even playing field to me.  It's nice our public officials can see this.
  Those who have sat down to stand up have too much to lose for us all to just quit trying to urge change.  If they ever do we all lose.  We all benefit from a robust Bill of Rights free of corporate monarchies who abuse our system for the furthering of their own avarice.  Those of us with a hundred dollars who give up ten dollars to make the world a better place have given ten percent.  Those with a million dollars to spare to make more,who give up ten percent to further that aim, put in one hundred  thousand dollars.  At least one person with tens of billions of dollars gave up over 100 million dollars to turn our last presidential election.  That was 1%.  How is that not fair?  

The reporter who wrote the last few stories has been given a leave of absence.  Oxymoronic exposes on our values and morals are valid but not very funny.  At XR News this is inexcusable.  We strive to be part of the problem [like network news, congress and our right swing justice system] not part of the solutions.  Funny.  We demand our reporters do both....and neither at the same time if it's good for a smile or a thought.  Turn that frown upside down and get active.

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