Yes, I am singing in the Wendy Davis for Governor chorus.

For one thing, the demise of Voting Rights Act enforcement makes her a marked woman. As I said to my friends when I ran for County Court at Law, if you are about to lose your job, you have nothing to lose by running for higher office. What's the worst possible outcome? You lose, and have to hunt for a job...which you will have to do anyway in the case at hand.

Sen. Davis needs to burnish her bona fides on issues not popularly perceived as feminist issues, because you know what's coming. They did it to Ann Richards and they'll do it to Wendy Davis. The narrative will be "Attack of the Feminazis! Hide the children!"

I too get weary of people with objectively feminist issue positions running from the feminist label, but I question whether it's a good time to work on that when most people don't know you and a lot of money is being spent to demonize you? It's her call, and I'm with her either way, but I would run on good government.

Causing social rifts over stuff like abortion and gay marriage is not good government in the state with the most people without health insurance, the highest rate of teen pregnancy, and one of the highest school dropout rates. Social issues do not fix West Texas, where people are literally drinking their own recycled urine but the gas exploration outfits can't be bothered to recycle their fracking water.

The polls say that most Texans did not like the abortion bill that Sen. Davis filibustered. However, I believe the great mass of Texans don't want to see state government revolve around that issue.

To me, the biggest deal about her filibuster was not abortion. It was the leadership's disregard for its own rules.

The second biggest deal was expending breathtaking amounts of political energy and state money on preventing abortions at a time in a pregnancy when abortion is pretty rare anyway...and being willing to cut off other kinds of women's health care to that end.

Abortion itself runs a distant third for me, and I agree with her on the merits.

Her political task between now and the election is to define herself in terms other than "the abortion candidate," because that identity would play right into the media blitz that will be coming at her anyway no matter what she does.

That's my strategic view from the cheap seats. She has my vote whether she agrees or not.


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