Journey of the Veterans Green Bus is just beginning. We have built the bus, tested ourselves and Large Marge under the harshest of conditions and are now poised to start the real business we created her for.

Touring the country to share and document sustainable energy solutions and when needed, respond to natural disasters.

The major focus of the Veterans Green Bus project is to demonstrate how the bus runs on used cooking oil and other sustainable energy solutions. Another aspect of the project is to teach veterans how document how sustainable energy can be used to power homes, heavy equipment, and entire businesses.  

To do this, we are shooting videos of the places we visit, interviews of the owners, installers and equipment operators to learn what it really takes to become sustainable and the jobs that are involved in the process.

Our goal is to describe the process of incorporating these solutions to build more sustainable communities and share that information with other veterans and communities.

The documentary process will follow a shot list and interview question templates to maintain the focus the subject matter and production goals.

Veterans will learn how to conduct on camera interviews, write website articles, scripts and blogs and produce a full length documentaries while they learn to shoot and edit their own video and audio content.

The results will be shared on our website and produced into a series of DVDs.

Ultimately, the veterans who participate on the bus and those that view the content they produce will have a greater understanding of sustainable energy and the opportunities we all have to create a more perfect union.

Before this can start we need to pay some bills.

Please help start Large Marge on the road to sustainability by donating.

We have been challenged by many obstacles over the last six months. The engine fire in Roanoke, VA tested our ability to respond to a potentially catastrophic emergency. The entire project could have been lost if we had not reacted quickly and effectively.  When the fire was engulfing the engine and getting near the chainsaw gas tanks, we did not panic. We used our military training and dealt with the threat, saving the bus and the donated musical instruments.

Same is true of the people who answered our call to help. Without your contributions we would not been able to recover or cross the country in time to be at Netroots Nation 13. However, You did, and we made it to the west cost in 4 days, So, congratulations to everyone who helped make it possible. This trip confirmed out WVO fuel filtering an collections methods works to save of 90% on our fuel costs.

The veterans Green Bus is ready to hit the road again. After spending a month in Kent's Custom Diesel getting the entire drive train serviced, new oil lines, gaskets, belts, filters and other warn out parts replaced we can now rely on Large Marge to get us around the country demonstrating sustainable energy solutions for disaster relief for years to come..

We have to pay the bill now which is a little over $3000.  Not as bad as we thought, but still more than we were able to raise before it came due.

Please donate $25, $50 or $100 to help. Those that donate more than $50 will get a Veterans Green Bus t Shirt.

Our next mission will be to tour Oregon and California stoping at veteran farms, biodiesel plants, solar energy companies, environmental organizations and community groups to demonstrate how the bus works and promote community involvement in volunteer emergency response efforts.

Your tax deductible contribution is needed for us to continue our mission and to be ready to respond for the next natural disaster.

Thank you,

Gordon Soderberg
Veterans Chair & Executive Director
United Peace Relief
Program Director
The Veterans Green Bus Project
(985) 640-1801
EIN 51-0555852


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