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The Texas abortion "debate" seems to be quite the stew. Presented without (much) comment, but only because there's nothing that can be added: Texas (of course) State Representative (naturally) Steve Toth, a Republican (because freaking duh) has a few things to say about sex education and why the group that wants to reduce abortions because they're the worst thing ever also insists that no teenager ever get the slightest bit of instruction on how to avoid that outcome. It's because talking about fornicatin' leads to fornicatin':
[Democratic Rep. Donna Howard] was explaining to her colleagues that responsible sex education, including information on birth control, would lower the number of unplanned pregnancies and abortions. Rep. Toth didn’t agree:
“My wife worked at a home for unwed moms, and one of the little kids that was born, his name is David. David came about as a result of his mom and dad, who were just 16 at the time, going to a Planned Parenthood deal where they taught them how to use contraceptives. They were not sexually active at that point. They got into the car, and they were so hot and bothered from this deal, he couldn’t even get the condom on.”
Well, I call bullplop on that one, Texas Steve. (And what is it about Texas Republicans named Steve? Y'all got a vat of them somewhere)? If a pair of goin' steady teens are walking into a "Planned Parenthood deal" about how to use contraceptives, it's darn well because they're either sexually active or are making plans to be sexually active in the real near future. If this eternally chaste pair were that "hot and bothered" from someone telling them how a condom works, God help us all if the wrong song were to come on the radio. Or any song. Or that old cartoon where a cross dressing Bugs Bunny seduces Elmer Fudd.

If anything, it's a case for teaching Texas teens the part about "put the damn condom on you nitwit" before they're at that special stage of their lives where anyone talking about sex ever will naturally result in them having sex because hey, you brought it up..

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