Meet Stephen Cloobeck  the CEO of Diamond Resorts International LLC.

Undercover Boss is one of my favorite shows. We are used to the bosses giving out amounts of $5,000.00, $10,000.00,  $15,000.00...maybe up to $50,000.00.
This was something different. By the end of the show, we were sobbing out loud.

Apparently this was Mr. Cloobeck's second visit to the show. We missed the first but are so happy we got to see this episode.

Come jump the squiggly with me...

The lives he changed:


After hearing how RK was also raising a daughter on his own after his wife cheated on him, Cloobeck revealed himself. Very calmly, he then informed RK that he would provide him $25,000 for daycare, and a trust fund for his daughter's schooling that will grow to $50,000.
In questioning one guest about her frustrations in getting her discounts processed, Cloobeck decided on the spot to reveal himself and let her know that he wanted to pick up the tab for her son's wedding that just took place at the resort.
3) The young Activities Coordinator would be designing the new uniforms for her hotel. In addition, he will pay for her to go fashion school in Los Angeles and foot the bill for two years for an apartment near her school.

4) The in-house electrician spoke of his shelved dream of owning his own business. As a second generation electrician, he said, it would bring honor to his family if he had been able to realize his dream. He was a realist, he had given up and moved on.
Mr. Cloobeck offered him a partnership in which he would put up $100,000.00 and with only a 10% stake in the company.


Veronica told Cloobeck how she and her husband have to work two jobs as they try to save money for their daughter's surgery. Daniela, who was born prematurely, has two hernias. He told Veronica that he'd pick up the tab for Daniela's surgery.
And buy her a new car.
And a house.
He announced to a meeting of his entire staff that he plans to start a crisis fund for all 5,600 of his employees. He will put in $1 million of his own money, and the company will match it.
This fund has already saved at least one life.
Jacob told the camera that the last time he visited the company's corporate office he was "completely bald," as a result of treatment for a complex and rare cancer that he didn't name. The disease required the attention of the No. 1 oncologist in Las Vegas, Jacob said, which he was able to afford thanks to the crisis fund.

But wait, you haven't heard the best yet.
He is a Democrat!

In June 2011, donated $100,000 to Majority PAC, a PAC oriented to promoting Democratic candidates to the U.S. Senate.
When asked by Lifestyle Expert what lessons he took from his stint on the Undercover Boss, Mr. Cloobeck said this:
I learned two really important things. First, my worldview must expand to move beyond the bricks and mortar business. I realized also it must be scalable and consistently scalable enough to include the needs and wants of the guests and all of our team members. We do use 'The Meaning Of Yes' as our motto. My being undercover helped better define how we can say yes more often and with the most profound results. In addition, I realized that my work is a way of life; it is a calling, which goes far beyond being a job description.
To be sure, Mr Cloobeck is the Chairman and CEO of a company with a net worth of $100 million. Giving a way $3 million or so is not going to send him to the poor house.
But isn't this a refreshing change? What would happen if every CEO did something similar for the people who toil to put the money in their pockets?

Nuff respect to Stephen Cloobeck!

Disclaimer: I do not own shares in this company but these are the types of companies we should be supporting.


What do you think of Mr. Cloobeck's acts of generosity?

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