We've never nutpicked from Glenn Beck's website before, have we? We'll change that today:

The Blaze screenshot of story:
If Nugent says "I'm thinking about it [running for president]", that's not a "BIG CLUE". It's more of a declarative statement. A "BIG CLUE" would be something like visiting Iowa or New Hampshire. But no matter how stupid the author of this piece is, you can believe the commenters take it up an extra notch. The goods, as always, are below the fold.

I first scoffed at the idea but then I took a step back and really pondered it. Maybe he is what we need. Mr. Nugent has fought many demons in his life and really knows who he is and what he believes. Think of it this way; name a person in the world of today that you would believe that would tell you the truth no matter what. I can only think of a few and he is one of them. I do believe that he has similar traits as Mr. Reagan but not as experienced. His lack of experience isn’t running multi-million dollar businesses it is only dealing with over educated Ivy Leaguers that have done very little in their lives but to steal from the “little” man. Who would be better for our nation than a common man from Michigan that knows what it means to draw a line in the sand… (Can we get Penn as VP to balance the ticket…
Can we get anyone who is sane to "balance" the ticket?
If Palin is his VP they got my Vote.
Oh, pleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleaseplease.
I can see it now, that zebra striped pick-up parked in the drive way,big wood fired grill in the rose garden,tree stand on the west lawn,8 point buck mounted in the oval office next to the gun cabinet full of AR-15′s and a 10mm laying on the resolute desk!!!!! Hes got my vote!!!!!
If not Nugent, how about Larry the Cable Guy? Or would he be overqualified?
Time to abandoned the republican party. I’m tired of voting in primaries for conservatives only to be left with a choice of progressives in the election.

Time to destroy the republican party.

Next time at the ballot, I very well may begin voting for democrats if the republican is not a conservative.

The stupidity of the democrats and progressive republicans is that they are seemingly not aware that the progressive ideology wishes to destroy America. So perhaps the time has come to let them have their wish, even if they are not aware of it. Let their ideology be known by all when America comes crashing down. Then and only then will the selfish moronic voters wake up and grasp the beauty and wisdom of conservatism, Liberty and Freedom.

It is us who will rebuild her and restore Liberty as the beacon the world hungers for and relight that great city on the hill.

It’s time to destroy the republican party.

Finally, real wisdom!
You know what I love the most about Nugent and his interjections into the political arena? It’s the effortless way he can incite the left into complete hysterics.
You know what I love the most about conservatives? How they mistake hysterical laughter with hysterics.
GOP just needs someone to get mad as hell. Their to busy being “politically correct”. Is there anyone with balls out there at all. That one guy from Tenn. is as close as I’ve seen. We need some fire in the belly.
The problem with Republicans is that they don't seem mad enough?
“It would be a very good thing for the Democrats,” said Democratic consultant Paul Begala. “How many people would look at a 60-year-old man with long hair and a loincloth screaming the C-word about Hillary Clinton and say, ‘I wanna be like him?’”

At least one: Me

He wants to be a 60-year-old man with long hair and a loincloth screaming the C-word about Hillary Clinton? I'm sure he's got that last part down pat.
QUINNs FIRST LAW: “Liberalism always generates the exact opposite of its stated intent.”

If the dems say it would be the best thing for their party to have Uncle Ted run for pres, then, based on the above, I’ll vote for him.

Otherwise, I’m voting Constitution Party or Libertarian Party.

It's the best thing for the Democratic Party to have Crazy Uncle Ted run for president. YOU PROMISED TO VOTE FOR HIM!
If Ted became President you can bet HE would be the entertainment at the White House and not Beyonce and Jay Z.
And that is ... good?
Run as an Independent! I’m through w/the GOP! To me, they’re bigger traitors to the Conservative cause than a Lib. At least w/a Lib, you can see the enemy coming. The GOP has continuously betrayed thier constituants and quite frankly, I don’t trust them anymore. Rubio! Need I say more? Run as an Independent and expose the GOP and the Lib “elected” officials for who they really are. Traitors!! I’ll vote for Ted if, and I mean if, he doesn’t run as a GOP.
Whenever a conservative abandons the GOP, an angel gets her wings.
Are the Dems going to go back to Kenya and find another Witch Doctor?
Nugent's base.
An honest man…. The system would never let that happen – they have a “stranglehold” on politics.
Yup. Nugent would be totally electable if it wasn't for "the system", and by "the system" I'm talking about democracy.
Hey !!!!!! he would be better than the dummy we have now that is for sure , hell, at least he would not be a “security risk” since he is a “real ” American that is for sure .

How is that America, we have a “security risk” for President !!!!!!!!!

My question is where are all those biliions of money spent in all kinds of “intelligence” and “black” budgets for the past thirty years???? Where are all those “Ivy league” and “Caltech” brains and we wind up with a “Security risk” as President ??????????


You forgot the scare quotes around "WRONG".
He would likely do better than all of presidents put together, going back to and including Woodrow Wilson.
Short of a few like Cruz, he is far more patriotic than what we have in Washington today.
INCLUDING WOODROW WILSON???? Them's are fighting words.
I was listening to the radio recently and some dude was on there being interviewed. He was intelligent, well spoken and congenial.

It was Ted. I was pleasantly surprised, frankly.

I like the twist ending on this story. I never saw it coming.
Ted Nugent knows the constitution blindfolded – he respects and revers it and doesn’t use it for toilet paper (all unlike the clown in the white house and his minions). Ted loves and supports our troops and he would never leave anyone behind…unlike the current clown in the white house. Just imagine what President Nugent’s response to to Behghazi (unlike the current clown in the white house). If, Uncle Ted runs and IF he were to debate Hillary Rodham- Rodham….he has more than enough fodder….
Benghazi! Nugent would've flown to Benghazi himself. Not on a plane, mind you. But flapping his arms. He'd go supersonic. Get there in about 12 minutes. And he would've personally saved everyone and then killed dozens and then nuked Baghdad as an explanation mark.
“It would be a very good thing for the Democrats,” said Democratic consultant Paul Begala. “How many people would look at a 60-year-old man with long hair and a loincloth screaming the C-word about Hillary Clinton and say, ‘I wanna be like him?’”

That’s funny. How many of us want to look at a fake ass black guy (whose age we are unsure of) that, with the help of his cronies, has turned this country into nothing but a nation full of back-alley, apathetic, selfish, corrupt people that only care about themselves and what they can get from someone else…and say, “I wanna be like him?”

Tell you what, Paul. I’d rather be a rat eating crumbs from Nugent’s goatee than be a prince eating from Obama’s silver platter!

That can be arranged. I think.
Ted will have a good chance .. The LIVs that vote with their body parts will flock over and vote for Ted .. good looking, sexy, and is a naughty. Women love it .. Ted or old hag Killary.

And if the RINOs do not come on board they would be loser anyway, at least with TED they would have a chance of having something to say and heard.

Heck he will do a lot better that Obama..

Ladies, it's been decided for you. You must find Ted Nugent good looking and sexy.
Musician Ted Nugent listens to U.S. President Barack Obama's State of the Union speech on Capitol Hill in Washington, February 12, 2013.  REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst
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