Police believe the bullet that hit 7 year old Brendon Mackey in the head, resulting in his death now; was a stray - "celebratory" bullet.

The question is - will the culprit come forward?

    Somewhere near Midlothian, Virgina someone (or group of someone's) decided it was wise to utilize their rights to bear arms and shoot some excess bullets to "they know not where". Unfortunately Brendon was walking a few steps behind his father, in the parking lot of The Boathouse Resaurant, to watch nearby fireworks. All of a sudden Brendon fell down and his family thought he had passed out.

Then they saw the blood!

     According to CBS News ( here )  - it was not until they reached the hospital that the doctors discovered it was a bullet wound to the head.

Enigmatically - Police assume the bullet was from "off premises".
     One has to wonder if the forensic science the Police in Virginia utilized to determine the bullet "must have come from off premise" - is CSI or NCIS. For we can be "sure" they did make scientific determination;


     Will there be a manhunt for "the" gunman? Probably not. Here, this week in Los Angeles, while I'm complaining that people are making the air full of sulfur and putting fireworks in the streets as cars race by. My driver tells me that people, 7 or 8 years ago, used to take advantage when his neighborhood was bad - and shoot people under the "cloud" of the massive explosions.

      Somewhere, there's either someone who still has no idea who may hear the News and come forward. Or there is some (maybe even many) gun wielding - right to bear more arms jerk(s) praying that no one knocks on their door.

       I would take this time and compel the officers of the law to go knock on everyone's door who has a gun registered. Shake the trees like detectives do - and see what shakes out.

At least the gun lobby should be shuttering this very day.

CBS story concludes with;
NOTE: Bold is of the original news story.

"We don't think this was an intentional shooting. We think that somebody in or around the Brandermill area was celebrating the Fourth of July. Unfortunately we think they were shooting a gun in a reckless manner and this young boy is a victim," Badgerow said.

Anyone who was firing a gun or knew of someone firing a gun within five miles of Swift Creek Reservoir is asked to call the Chesterfield County Police Dept. at 804-748-1251.

                 I wouldn't hold my breath about someone coming forward;
                     any fool silly enough to shoot bullets in the air
                     ain't going to be responsible enough to confess.

R.I.P. Brendon Mackey


Our thoughts and prayers go out to you and your heartbroken family this day!


 Saturday, July 6 - 7 a.m. Pacific

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   The Eyewitness Muse points out another tragedy due to errant gun fire in Virginia. A grandmother thought she heard intruders, fired her gun to scare them off and a bullet went through the wall and struck her grand child. (see details - here ).

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