Vinod Khosla [founder of Khosla Ventures] at the Rock Health Program on Health Innovation, said that "80% of doctors are going to be replaced by algorithms."

Dr. Eric Topol, Director of the ScrippsTranslational Science Institute and [Editor-in-Chief of Medscape] and author of the book," The Creative Destruction of Medicine ", stated that " I'm trying to zoom in on critical aspects of how the digital world is creating better healthcare."
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For those who may B squeamish about not receiving a medical diagnosis in a fashion other than sitting eyeball to eyeball with an actual physician please note that such an insistence "comes right in the face of all these projections about physician shortages, of hundreds of thousands of doctor shortages over the next 10 years because of the Baby Boomer problem and the aging of the population, as well as the chronic disease burden."

"We do know that there are such remarkable changes in the digital infrastructure that have given capabilities, for example, to such things as skin apps that are able to preempt the need to have biopsies by using a picture of a skin lesion through one's phone. Then there is the ability to refract one's eyes through an add-on to the phone, such as EyeNETRA, which costs a couple of dollars and gets your eyeglasses made through a text message. Why would we have to go to optometrists, for example?

Another example is a device that can take a picture of a child's eardrum and have an algorithm detect whether or not there is infection, because the eardrum is magnified 10-fold. Why, then, would you have to go for a pediatrician visit or to an emergency room?

These are just some examples of how algorithms can be used to take the place of many of the things that have traditionally been in the healthcare professional's or doctor's domain. Of course, it's just the beginning of this movement, and it's threatening to physicians" according to Dr. Topol."

However, physicians may have to adjust to this new and further developing digital world and so may U.

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