At Netroots Nation this year I went to a panel that featured Kaili Joy Grey, aka Angry Mouse, lately missing from the front page. She looked wonderful, so life after Daily Kos must be agreeing with her. After the panel, I went to talk to her, and Tara the antisocial social worker was also there.

One of the things she brought up was missing "This Week in the War on Women." Some of the conversation was that it's hard to slough through so much crap every week. Tara said she was reluctant to take on the commitment, though she had thought she would like someone to do it.

I said it might be easier if we turned it into a series hosted by a group, and had different people write it each week, so no one gets burned out.

It still seems like a good idea.

Think about it. Just in the last week or two we have had Wendy Davis' filibuster and the Texas Senate moving to another special session to pass their horrible bill that would close all but five abortion clinics in Texas, all in the eastern cities. Ohio did pass such a law. The there's a case of a woman being thrown out of a water park for wearing a bikini when she wasn't deemed to have the figure for it.

Then we had Rachel Jeantel testifying in the Trayvon Martin murder case, and the explosive reaction against her - and the beautiful open letter to her written in response.

And the anti-Hillary rhetoric is opening up as her possible run for president it considered.

And gang rape as part of mass protests in Egypt, the second time around.

And so on.

And while much of this has been written about here, there has been no single place pulling the threads together. Now, of course we miss Kaili Joy Grey's voice and her take on these stories, and there is no way we can replace that. But perhaps, with our different voices, we can bring some focus to each week's stories of attacks on women and our rights, and start the discussion that way.

So the question is, would you be interested in joining a group dedicated to documenting the war on women and in writing the occasion week-in-review? I would be willing to be one of the coordinators if there is enough interest.

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