#sekritarmy has done some analysis.

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And come to the conclusion that the absorption into the matrix has been initiated.

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But we must fight back.

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And we have a plan.

 photo lookdeep.jpg

We will not be deterred.

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If we must, we will take matters into our own hands.

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And cut the cord if we have to...

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We expect there will be set-backs.

 photo matrix.jpg

But we will continue to gather our forces.

 photo minime.jpg

And institute our plan.

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We must operate in sekrit.

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And tolerate no leaks.

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We know we will be victorious.

 photo cute-puppy-pictures-cannot-resist.jpg

Because we have exceptional skill.

 photo funny-pictures-cat-told-you-he-be-h.jpg

We cannot be stopped.

 photo funny-pictures-muscle-brains-kitten.jpg

Don't even try...

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