It's just like Godwin's Law, only instead of Hitler and the Nazis, the subject popping up is Snowden.

The idea occurred to me when I saw a this comment on a diary about, and titled "Why Billionaires Love Global Warming".

In a way, the comment wasn't even totally off-topic, threadwise at least. In a discussion of billionaire feelings of entitlement, a commenter brought up "first class syndrome" in which the entitled passengers sipping pre-paid cocktails in their wider seats think the little curtain between them and the cheap seats actually makes them different from and better than coach passengers. From there the thread led to discussion of where it is safest to sit on a plane, and slipped over to the idea that Snowden's lack of a secure haven (i.e., any safe place to sit) is like what the billionaires may face when they must flee mob justice in the coming dystopia of an overheated Earth.

Still, the diary wasn't about NSA, or spying, or leaks, or secrets, or anything. So I thought, "Snowden's Law". If the comment thread goes on long enough, his name will come up. I cracked up.

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