I have a suggestion.  Let’s treat Bradley Manning with the same severity that we applied to, oh, let’s say, the 1968 My Lai, Vietnam massacre, where over 500 innocent men women and children from the village were slaughtered by members of the United States Armed Forces.

Number of perpetrators charged in My Lai:  One (Lt. William Calley.)

Charged with: 22 murders.

Convicted? Yes.

Punishment/time served?  3 ½ years of house arrest at his Fort Benning GA apartment.

It’s interesting to note that one of the drum-beaters for lenience for Lt. Calley was Jimmy Carter, then governor of Georgia.  I wonder where Mr. Carter is now?  He seems markedly disinterested in the case of Bradley Manning.

You can read all the disgusting details here.

Wanna bet Manning gets life for what he did, which was leak classified documents, not quite the same league as the murder of 500 innocent civilians?

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