Fracking is alive and well;  so is the resistance movement to it, made up of average citizens. Citizens sick and tired of being slowly poisoned ... by their local NG extractors.

Fracking Opponents In New York Say Gasland Movies Help

by Karen DeWitt, wxxinews.org --  July 8, 2013

Monday night brought the TV premiere of Gasland II , a sequel to the original anti-hydro fracking movie. In New York, where Governor Cuomo’s decision on fracking is still on hold, both opponents and supporters of fracking say the films have helped frame the debate.

Walter Hang, with the  group Toxics Targeting, says in New York, the 2010 Gasland movie contributed to what has now become a five year delay on whether to allow  hydro fracking in the state.

“It did help to make the grass roots organizing much more effective,” Hang said. “There’s no dispute about that.”

I saw Gasland II last nite on HBO.  I would say it is much more moving than the first version, if that is possible.

What struck me was:

 -- More Taps and Wells and Irrigation systems can now double as Roman Candles.

 -- While Fracking Companies never admit any fault, they often advise people to move away from their homes. They sometimes offer to buy out the homeowners too (with non-disclosure agreements of course).

 -- Fully 5% of Fracking well-casings are defective upon install, leading to Methane + Fracking Fluids leaking into the local aquifers, according to the Natural Gas (NG) industries own studies.

 -- Other independent studies show that 50% of Fracking well-casings will fail in about 20 years.

 -- NG is thought to be a "transition step" to a low-carbon future. Those calculations do not take into account, the constant leaking of Methane Gas, at all stages of the NG extraction process. When the global warming effects of this Methane leaking is actually counted as the very potent Greenhouse Gas that it is -- Fracking turns out to be a "giant step" closer to the Global Climate Crisis, not a small step away from it.

 -- All that "invisible" constantly leaking of Methane Gas, at all stages of the NG extraction process, certainly looks scarey when viewed with a FLIR infrared camera.  Yikes!

Powerful stuff. Factually presented. With plenty of real people interviews too.

‘Gasland Part II’ Trailer:  New Josh Fox Documentary On The Dangers Of Fracking Premieres Tonight Last Night On HBO

by Sanna Chu, idigitaltimes.com -- July 8, 2013

The original "Gasland" documentary galvanized legions of "fracktivists" to fight against the natural gas drilling booms across the country. Could the sequel "Gasland Part II" bring even more people to the cause with even more fracking horror stories?

"Gasland" and "Gasland Part II" shines a light on the thousands of cases of water contamination, air pollution and health problems across the U.S. that the gas industry has denied causing. "The war for who was going to tell this story was on," Fox says in the trailer for "Gasland Part II" before showing scenes of demonstrations against fracking that were largely inspired by his first film.

"It's scary your own government is afraid of a business," says one man in the preview, commenting on the fact that government puts the interests of the gas industry over the well-being of its citizens.

Watch the "Gasland Part II" trailer:

link to clip

What also struck me was:

 -- How real people, getting involved in local politics -- CAN stop these industrial behemoths, or at least slow them down.

 -- How real people, who admit that "Look, I'm no tree-hugger, but there is something terribly wrong with what these companies are doing to homes; what they're doing to the Environment.  This is not right."

Well-said, non-tree-hugger rancher guy.

Well-said, time and time again ... thanks to the citizen's journalism of Josh Fox.

Make a point to see Gasland II.   It is well worth the time.

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