I'm a fan of making fun of horrible weather-themed movies and shows. When you're a weather enthusiast, watching producers and actors pretend to know what they're talking about is cringeworthy.

Twister is an all-time favorite just because of how bad it is. The movie supposedly had several expert meteorologists advising the film crew on basic facts, but they got overruled. A lot. The tornadoes form from bland stratus decks instead of big honkin' supercells with kickass wall clouds. The massive hailstorm they drive through is totally real and not just hotel vending machine ice. Storm chasers make a jovial kazoo sound as they fall to a violent, explosive death. And Bill Paxton got to touch his colleague's boobs like 57 times between the opening and closing credits -- something that probably doesn't happen in real life even once without his nose breaking and his ass winding up in jail.

Don't even get me started on the 2011 Syfy film Metal Tornado, starring Lou Diamond Phillips as a scientist working on a satellite and antenna array designed to harvest electricity from solar flares. He notices that some of the energy goes missing in the energy downlink between the solar panels and antennas on the ground, and that energy goes into creating...a magnetic tornado! DUN DUN DUNNNNNN.

The hyper-realistic metal tornado demolishing the Eiffel Tower, because why not?
It's not always the movies that are bad. The tornado episode of Roseanne, one of my favorite TV shows, is awful because they predict exactly how strong the tornado will be, that they could see the "eye of the storm" coming, and it took exactly 30 minutes minus commercials for the damn thing to hit Lanford and throw that ugly goose mailbox through the Conners' window.

However, the Syfy Channel presents us with the pièce de résistance of bad weather movies:




It comes on Syfy on Thursday at 9PM Eastern. It looks so bad that it's got to be good. Or not. I'll liveblog the movie here on DailyKos just for fun, because hell, why not? It would be good for the community to let (what's left of) its hair down and have some fun. A snark fest for the Sharknado -- as one of my Facebook followers put it, a "snarknado."

And yes, that is the actual movie poster. It is a thing. You cannot make this up.

Thursday at 9PM Eastern. Be there or be square.

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