In what may turn out to be a historically bad political blunder, Mitch McConnell's Senate campaign has produced a video that was supposed to mock his opponent, Alison Lundergan Grimes. Only problem is, it has gone viral for Grimes. The NY Daily News reported on Tuesday at 12:31 PM that

The clip spread quickly, earning more than 96,000 views after just one day.
As of Tuesday evening, 11:15 EST the Youtube site shows over 528,000 views.

The catchy Autotuned tune repeats the phrase 'What what rhymes with Alison Lundergan Grimes?' But the mocking answers aren't vocals in the song, just on screen which no one is reading. The video has you repeating Alison's name over, and over, and over, along with the tune. This is a backfire of epic proportions. Instead of mocking her, the video does Grimes a huge favor. Up till now she had little name recognition and a not-easily-remembered name. Not anymore. No highly paid political admakers could have done a better job of imprinting Grimes' name into voters' brains if they had tried. And the clips of her are flattering - she comes across as very likeable.

Republicans are complaining about it, but for the wrong reasons.

But the clever campaign collateral got less than stellar reviews from critics on Facebook.
"I'm a republican, this is dumb. You need to fire whoever is putting this stuff out," one Facebooker wrote.
Another asked, "Dude, what is this? I mean, seriously, are you letting a twelve year old make your videos or something?"
One Kentuckian accused McConnell of having the "emotional maturity of a five-year-old" for approving the video.
This will only inspire more people to look at it. And now, Grimes' campaign has 'attacked' the ad as childish,
“It’s childish and what you should expect when somebody’s got tens of millions dollars to smear somebody with no reason or logic behind it,” Emmons said. “It’s foolish, considering the seriousness of the problems we face, the way Washington is operating is out of control.”
which is sure to just get it even more views.

What, what rhymes, with Alison Lundergan Grimes?

9:07 PM PT: You can donate to Alison's campaign here

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