Juan Williams on Trayvon Martin's murder:

I think it is race. I ink that it is -- actually not in the trial but it is in us as the American people because remember, the media initially libeled Mr. Zimmerman by making it out to be this was some white guy who attacked this black teenager with a hoodie and all of that. And then it turns out he might have been in fact, a neighborhood watch guy, who was very concerned and profiling. That's possible.
Interestingly, just last week on Fox News, Williams called the Chicago Teachers Union President a "racist" for pointing out that the fifty school closings in Chicago have a disparate impact upon African American children and that rich men in high positions made the decision to close them.

Mr. Williams seems to think that "racism" is subjective and involves words, not deeds. To him pointing out racism is racist, but racial profiling that could lead to murder is not.

Or perhaps Mr. Williams is a mouthpiece for the right-wing, attacking unions at any cost and defending stand your ground laws and vigilantism.

Last year, Williams was featured in the right-wing anti-union film "A Tale of Two Missions" which was directed by Tea Party Activist Andrew Marcus.

Clip of "Tale of Two Missions."

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