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Talk about going after a symptom.
A bipartisan group of senators announced Wednesday they are introducing the Security Clearance Oversight and Reform Enhancement (SCORE) to reform the security clearance procedure in the wake of the leaks made by National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden. According to a statement from the senators, the bill "improves oversight of the security clearance process, calls for the government to fire background check investigators and suspend others—including contractors—who falsify reports, and forces the government to update its policy determining which positions require a security clearance."
By all means, yes, somebody needs to be keeping better track of the 5 million people with security clearances, but what about the $56 billion/year private intelligence industry that's employing them? That's the big problem here—the intelligence/industry complex.

We've hired out the intelligence business through the revolving door of a lot of very powerful people who have a foot in both government and the intelligence industry. They just keep coming back to the trough, which they can rely upon their buddies to keep filling.

That's the story behind a guy like Snowden with his security clearance. That's the problem that Congress should be dealing with. It's the grift.

Originally posted to Joan McCarter on Wed Jul 10, 2013 at 03:45 PM PDT.

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