I wouldn't be so outraged about the bathroom police if I myself had not spent the first part of my life being harassed by them. INCORRECTLY, ie: I have all the bits and pieces they are demanding from the woman in the following story but still feared for my life when I went to use the loo. Because of my inherent maleness I was driven out of the loo. Of course they are never happy because I also got into trouble for trying to use the boys loo only to be punished again.

In the story below all it took was one complaint from the bathroom police for this aspiring nurse to be relegated to going to the bathroom in what amounts to a janitors closet. Not only that, she was threatened with charges for using the correct bathroom, charges that would result in her being expelled.

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Bad Day at the Public Toilet

Up until yesterday Alex was using the women's restroom on the PTEC campus. But that all came to an end after a fellow student complained, and went to administration.

Wilson says she was pulled out of class and told her alternatives.

"If I continue to use the female restroom that I would have charges pressed against me. And that, because of that, I would be removed from the program as a nurse," said Wilson.

What the school should have done is tell the bathroom police to mind their own buisness.
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