You ought to be out raising hell. This is the fighting age. Put on your fighting clothes.
                                                      -Mother Jones

Saturday July 11, 1903
Trenton, New Jersey - Mother Jones Speaks to 5000 at Monument Park

After resting in the shade at Morrisville Point yesterday afternoon, the Industrial Army of Mother Jones paid a toll of 2 cents for each of the 52 Crusaders who crossed the Delaware River Bridge. The Army marched into Trenton and made their way to Monument Park where 5000 supporters where gathered for a mass meeting.

William Thomas, President of Trenton's Common Council, presided over the event. The main speaker was, of course, Mother Jones. She spoke out in condemnation of the wealthy textile manufacturers who squeeze their profits out of the labor of little children. And she took on President Roosevelt and his theories on "race suicide:"

Women have learned that their children are taken away from them and put to work when they should be in school. What is the use of bringing a lot of children into the world to make more money for plutocrats, while their little lives are being ground out in the mill and workshop?

The army I am leading on to New York is composed of intelligent workmen whose lives have almost been ground out in the textile mills of Kensington. Our cause is a just one and we propose to show the New York millionaires our grievances.

Mother also spoke last evening before the Central Labor Union of Trenton. In total, about $100 was raised for the Industrial Army in Trenton.

After enjoying the hospitality of the famous hobos' friend, "Glad Hand" Terradel, Mother Jones and her Army marched out of Trenton this morning bound for Princeton.


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Mother Jones
The Miners' Angel

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The Children's Crusade Summary
Day 4: Friday July 10, 1903
From Morrisville, PA
To Trenton, PA
(Use with "get directions" on google maps to follow general route of march.)

Friday July 11, 1913
Washington, D.C. - President Wilson to Hold Conference to Avoid Railroad Strike

President Woodrow Wilson
President Wilson will hold a Conference at the White House in an attempt to avoid a railroad strike which could stop all train traffic east of the Mississippi. The conference would include the Brotherhoods of Conductors and Trainmen as well as representatives of the railroads. The President is seeking an agreement on an amendment to the Erdman Act which provides for arbitration where the parties cannot reach an agreement on wages. All sides of interest in the dispute are optimistic that a satisfactory agreement will be reached.


The New York Times
-of July 10, 1913

Thursday July 11, 2013
Cambodia - Little Children at Labor

Posted by Samantha Bahena

Human Rights Watch

International Labor Rights Forum/Child and Force Labor

Hobo's Lullaby

Lift your head and smile at trouble
For you'll find peace and rest someday.

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