The people of Lac-Megantic, Quebec are just now starting to come to terms with what has happened to their town. 20 dead, a further 30 missing and presumed dead and a huge chunk of their town being referred to as the largest crime scene in Quebec history.  

People are beginning to pick up the pieces, in some cases literally, of their lines. One of those people is Maude Verreault.

Ms. Verreault has stepped outside the bar where she worked to have a smoke when the train derailed. She was able to run for her life. Authorities believe that most of the missing were at that bar. She is lucky to be alive.

But she has no ID as her purse and phone were left behind when she fled. ID can be taken care of, but the phone is just as important. It was an iPhone and she had insurance on it. Only Apple doesn't think they should cover it.

Verreault said she has insurance on her phone and she called Apple on Monday. She said she was told that she could not make a claim because it was a “natural disaster.”

She says she has insurance that covers breakage, loss, theft, etc.

“They told me, ‘No, since it was a natural disaster, we’re not paying,’ ” she said in an interview.

“This was not a natural disaster.”


How the hell is this a natural disaster??? Apple won't talk to the media about this but I hope once the story gets out they will be forced to a) explain or b) get off their asses and help.

I'm not sure if this is Apple Canada or the US arm of the company.

I really hope this isn't the beginning of the insurance nightmare these people will have to face. :(

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