So right here is the biggest unsolved mystery of the entire Zimmerman Case.  We now know a lot.  We know what time which call started and ended.  We know where the body finally rested.  We know when the shot went off.  We know where the bullet hit Travon.  We know the extent and details of Zimmerman's injuries. We know that Trayvon was on top - for awhile - and also that Zimmerman was on top - for awhile.

The Prosecution Case, as I expected, boils down to Zimmerman Lied and therefore you can't construct a reasonable case of doubt based on a pile of lies.

Many have said, particularly the arm-chair lawyers, that the Prosecution has failed to present a vision of the case.  That they've failed to present a narrative of what did happen and how it happened beyond a reasonable doubt.

Those people may have a point.  Whether or not the jury sees it that way remains to be seen, they might and they might not.

It also remains at this point, prior to the defense closing and prosecution rebuttal, whether such a vision will ultimately be presented. Again it might and it might not.

While discussing and arm-chair arguing this case a thought occurred to me.  I initially put it aside as I didn't see any physical evidence to back it up at the time.  Then during closing the prosecution mentioned one thing... the pulled lanyard on Trayvon's hoodie.

Since we're down to rank speculation and theory, I personally feel I can speculate with the best of  'em. So here we go.

The question I pose is this: What the FUCK was Zimmerman busy doing while Trayvon was Kicking His Ass so Badly?

Forgive me, but we're going to have to look at picture of the body.

In this picture you can see Trayvon's body (with face blurred) after the EMS and police unsuccesfully attempted resuscitation.  As you can see, and was pointed out by Prosecutor De Le Rionda during his closing, one side of the string that closes his hoodie is pulled nearly all the way out.

How'd that happen?

It seems a small detail, and in truth it might be nothing, but then again it could be everything.

The reason I say this is again, why wasn't George Zimmerman fighting and punching back?

The story we're supposed to believe, if George isn't lying - although IMO he is, but let's ignore that for a second - is that he was minding his own business looking for the street address on Retreat View Circle, walking back toward his car when Trayvon (who or course he hadn't been following and chasing for the last several minutes) randomly jumped out of the bushes - or walked down the path - or walked toward George as George walked toward him - or beamed down from the Enterprise - and said "You gotta problem Sucka?" and when George said "No, I don't have a problem" cold-cocked him in the nose and he went down. "Now you have a problem!"

(Who the Fuck besides an ABC Family Villain Talks Like That?)


They struggled on the ground.  Trayvon punched him.  George doesn't punch back because he's a good guy like that.  We don't hit Children do we?  We have proof of this because not only is Trayvon not bruised (despite the post-mortem blood flow issue) Zimmerman's hands and knuckles are not injured either.  Trayvon banged George's head on the concrete.  Trayvon tried to cover his mouth.  Trayvon tried to cover his nose.  Trayvon doesn't get any blood on his hands (or DNA) because George swallowed it (Although technically, and I know this from bitter personal experience that a nosebleed when your lying down doesn't go into your throat, not exactly, it goes into your sinuses. You have to inhale to pull it into your throat, then either spit it out or swallow it.  I used to get big gnarly Clots in my sinuses when I was a kid.)  What blood George doesn't swallow the rain washed away, or it rubbed off on the grass or something. Poof. Somehow despite the hands of Vishnu all over his face, and the blood in his sinus cavity and throat - George screamed for "HELP". Then Trayvon went for his gun....

And ... that's it?

He's got two hands. Two arms. 40-50 lbs on this kid and he doesn't throw a punch?  He doesn't push him off, he's helpless TRAPPED!  Floundering like a fish out of water, completely unable to defend himself.  Those useless MMA fighting classes - three times a week - 1.5 hours each, don't help a bit.  During this time they miraculously shimmy 30 feet away from the "T" where George says he first encountered Trayvon to the spot where they both spontaneously decide to drop their cell phones and keys, because George was going to his car - keeping to himself - he wasn't Following Trayvon down the path or anything.

Oh woe is George.

What is he to do when the incredible Octopus-Armed Mandigo Warrior Boy spies the solid black fully loaded and primed Kel-Tek 9mm - his Precious - behind his right hip in the darkness, underneath George's body, behind Trayvon's left leg where it's in clear view of his X-Ray Night Xulu Vision? "You're gonna die, Mutha Fucka!"

Well, he's just gotta reach under himself, pull the gun and kill the punk doesn't he?

Yeah, fine - that's reasonable doubt right there.  Yes, sir. Obviously the jumped-up druggie thug had to be put down right?

Ok, sure that's an argument - a crazy one IMO - but alright.  Jury might buy it. Maybe. Still, what if ... just what if... something much more reasonable and rational was going on?

What if, after following Trayvon for several blocks by car, from the far side of the Club House, around the corner onto Twin Tree Lane where he eventually parked.  After seeing Trayvon Run Away "Assholes always get away", jumping out of his car in pursuit. "Fucking Punks". Ignoring the asshole dispatcher "Are you following him? We don't need you to do that", pretending to give him an address - then not giving it to him "Just call me when you get here I'll Tell You Where I Am"...

What if George decided to go hunting for Trayvon on his own?

So about two minutes go by after he hangs up with the dispatcher while, instead of going back to his car 50 ft away on Twin Tree's, he's searching for Trayvon between the two rows of townhouses. Trayvon instead of running the 150 yards down straight down the dogpath to his dad fiance's house - where the "Creepy Ass Cracka" could have seen and followed him - has been hiding this whole time around a corner, or behind a bush - fine I'll give him that one -  until finally they come face to face, about 30 feet down from the "T".

"What chu following me for?"

"What're you doing around here?"

BUMP! Headphone falls. Grass sounds. Shuffling. "Get Off!" - phone goes dead.

What the fuck happened then?

Ok, so here's my theory....

Zimmerman Grabbed Trayvon.

He didn't want the little Asshole Punk to get away.  He grabs onto his hoodie, dropping his keys and small flashlight in the process. Trayvon pulls back, causing the lanyard to be pulled way out on one side where Zimmerman is gripping him.

Then Trayvon, in terror, decides to FIGHT.  He throws a left hook catching Zimmerman in the nose.  They both go down because he WON'T let go, Zimmerman's head is scratched on the cement. They wrestle, Trayvon on top - trying to disengage - thrashing side to side. Good sees them - Looks like "Pound and Ground" to him from the back, but he doesn't see any blows impact.  Doesn't hear a head smacking on concrete. Can't see their hands because George is holding onto Trayvon to KEEP HIM FROM ESCAPING while Trayvon is struggling to get away and screaming "HELP HELP" in panic.  George may be yelling too, as he said, "Call the Cops, Help me with this guy" but not as loud, doesn't pick up on Lauer's 9-11 call.

George isn't punching back because his hands are busy gripping Trayvon's hoodie, keeping him from getting up and running away.  Trayvon is pushing back, trying to lift up - possibly punching at George, but mostly trying to stand and get away as clearly George doesn't suffer from 20 or 30 separate blows in 40 seconds. (Ali punching speed)

But then suddenly he breaks free... he starts to stand up, still bent over.  Their bodies are parallel - at the 90% entry angle - Trayvon's hoodie is pulled forward as he straightens his knees, weighted by the Watermelon flavored Arizona Tea can in his front pocket.  Zimmerman, now with Trayvon's weight off of him, reaches behind his right hip - pulls his gun, extending his right arm fully - as he explained in his Police Interview, to make sure he didn't hit his own left hand, spans the extended distance of about 40 inches between them - muzzle contacting the hoodie as Trayvon lifts up, backing away (as one of the ME/Expert Witnesses Contented). Trayvon sees the gun. "No, Don't!". George FIRES striking Trayvon in the heart, collapsing his right lung.

The screaming stops . Trayon cluches his chest and collapses. George gets up, bending over the top of Trayvon.  Other neighbors come out to investigate as George start to whip up some bullshit to cover his ass. ("I wasn't following him, just going the same way that he did. He jumped out at me, I had to shoot - he was gonna Kill me. Add some bad Lifetime tough guy dialogue. Yeah, that's the ticket")

End scene.

Just a thought, but then again I do realize we'll never truly know.

I've watched the trial pretty closely.  This fits the evidence and testimony.  It's not the argument that the Prosecution made because the key witness to support, or refute, this particular scenario... is dead.

That witness would have been Trayvon Benjamin Martin.

Instead we have to listen to George Zimmerman and his sycophants tell us what "Reasonable" is. Seriously?

It's not reasonable that Trayvon was so magnificently athletic and George - the former professional bouncer - was so incredible inept physically.  It 's just not. IMO I think George wasn't fighting Trayvon because he was busy doing something else.  He was trying to keep Trayvon - one of the Assholes who always gets away - from getting away.  That's what makes sense, and that's why George is lying about it.

When it looked like he was about to lose him again, he couldn't take it.  He made SURE this one was gonna STAY.

Permanently. Bang! "Got him".

Think about it.

Anyway, that's my two cents.  Don't try to cash it at Target. Not worth a breath mint in real dollars.


8:48 AM PT: O'Mara closing - he says that anyone with sufficent fear of harm has the right to use deadly force (technically correct, but our level of George's fear - comes from George only) Interesting he doesn't allow Trayvon to have any fear, which would justify his use of force against George in the first place.

8:47 AM PT: O'Mara: George is Afraid, (Despite his jumping out of his car, and his various comments on the tape) but Trayvon is ANGRY (even though he runs away)- just look at George's injuries!

8:51 AM PT: "Self-Defense is a Defense to Anything. To Speeding. To Burglary. To Manslaughter.  It's an easy decision, I don't say this out of ego or hubris - it's a evident."

8:54 AM PT: O'Mara is done, seemed short, I missed the beginning - not impressed. Losing a fight that you initiated by following someone and scaring the crap out of them is a license to kill?  Winning a fight is a death sentence?

1:09 PM PT: Ok, I had to go to a meeting and I'm back now.  Before I left I heard most of the Prosecution Rebuttal argument and they finally said one thing that's been the biggest stick in my craw about Zimmerman's story and "Reasonable Doubt".

It's NOT POSSIBLE for Zimmerman to have reached his gun at his hip, behind his back, under Trayvon's leg - if TRAYVON WAS SITTING ON HIM.  It can't be done.  "He never would have got it.  If he's up on his waist, his waist is covered by Trayvon's legs. It's a physical impossibility.  The only way that defendant can get to his gun, is that Trayvon is standing up, backing away, or pushed so far down his leg - he couldn't hit [George]"

If that's true - and the opposite can't be true  - at that point in time Trayvon was NO Threat to him anymore, but he fired anyway.  That's Murder.

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